Metro K9

Metro K9 Security Services & Training Academy is the one security company that provides decades of industrial experience, quality management and trained professionals of today's front line to guarantee our clients, patrons and communities the highest level of professionalism, proactivity, safety and security. Our company is locally owned and operated and has the resources to respond to meet every security challenge that our clients may have or arise.

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Our Variety of

We offer a variety of services to schools, airports, hospitals, hotels, transportation services, malls, retail centers, outlets, casinos, monitoring companies, industrial, corporate, commercial, residential, private or public organizations, management companies, HOA's and Government agencies...etc.

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K9 Detection
Services & Training

Our canines are trained to alert their handler when they detect the odor of specific drugs by an immediate change of behavior that the handler is trained to recognize. The handler will allow the canine to work to a point as close as training allows. Finally, the canine will give the final stage of alert by sitting and staring in the direction of the source.

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Our Mission:

Providing peace of mind and safety in ALL aspects of personal/property security with the assistance of modern technology and man's best friend to our clients and partners. Delivering cost effective, efficient and professional service.

Our Guarantee:

All work is 100% guaranteed. Simply, if you are not satisfied, we are not satisfied.

Satisfaction is the key to providing our clients with peace of mind.



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